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(Tech) Windows 8 — Play Xbox 360 Games on your PC !!

A number of sites are reporting that the Xbox 360 games could be playable on the next Windows operating system, Windows 8. While not yet confirmed, it could have many implications if true. For our take on the rumor and what it means for the future of the Xbox 360 if true, read below.

Windows 8 still has a fair amount of time before release. It could be as far away as late 2012. With rumors that Microsoft and Sony may be announcing their next generation consoles at that year’s E3, it would make a certain amount of sense to end the 360’s life cycle by bringing its games to a whole new audience. There are reasonable comparisons to be drawn between this rumor and the confirmed PS3 ports of PSP titles as the PS Vita approaches release. After all, if your console is going to be replaced, there’s no need to keep titles exclusive to it.

Even better, this wealth of playable games for the new OS would be a strong selling point for Microsoft’s strong gamer audience. Also rumored is a subscription-based online service akin to Xbox Live, which would make sense, as one of the big selling points of the Xbox 360 is its strong online capabilities.

For now, we can only wait for Microsoft to confirm the rumor. If they do, it will be interesting to see if it’s accompanied by acknowledging they have a new system in the works. E3 2012 is still some time away, but that’s plenty of time to build hype for a console reveal.

SOURCE ::: http://www.gamerlive.tv/article/rumor-windows-8-play-xbox-360-games

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