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Violent Drug wars in Mexico continue — 40 Bodies In 24 Hours

More than 40 bodies were found in Mexico in just 24 hours as vicious gun battles between rival drug cartels broke out in three different cities.

In the northern city of Monterrey, where the Zetas gang is fighting its former ally, at least 20 people died and more than five were injured when gunmen opened fire in a bar, in the city’s worst mass killing in recent memory.
Earlier police found one survivor in a pile of 11 bodies dumped near a well on the outskirts of Mexico City. All had been shot with high-powered rifles.

In Friday’s shootings, 16 people died at the Sabino Gordo bar. Four others died later at the hospital and five were injured, said Jorge Domene, security spokesman for the state of Nuevo Leon, where Monterrey is located.
Other downtown businesses closed earlier than usual after news of the massacre broke.

In Valle de Chalco, a working class suburb southeast of Mexico City, a man was found alive among the dumped bodies and was taken to a hospital, said Antonio Ortega, a spokesman for the Mexico State police.
He said some of the bodies were blindfolded and had their hands tied. Poire said one woman was found seriously injured.
State officials said police found another body nearby a few hours later but could not confirm it was related to the mass attack, which happened during a fight between the Zetas and the Knights Templar, an offshoot of the infamous La Familia gang.
Ortega said he didn’t know if the victims were shot at the scene or were taken to site.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2013136/More-30-people-killed-just-24-HOURS-drug-wars-Mexico-continue.html#ixzz1RkGJa85v

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