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Casey Anthony offered $1 MILLION To Appear on ‘Jerry Springer’

There’s nothing like a cool $1 million to get you talking. According to Radar Online, ‘Tot Mom’ Casey Anthony was offered one million dollars to appear on ‘The Jerry Springer Show’ — the appearance would mark her first words since being acquitted of first degree murder of her daughter, Caylee.

The show presented the offer to Anthony’s legal team on Friday morning and will then be taken to Anthony and her family — who must appear with her on the show for the deal to go through.

“The offer was made to Casey’s defense team Friday,” a source told Star magazine. “They are interested. The should would get huge ratings. The family will be presented with the offer shortly.”

Although a large sum of money is on the line, it wouldn’t be surprising if Casey’s father, George Anthony, refuses to appear on the show with his daughter who accused him of molesting her as a child. Anthony’s legal team also made the case that she did not immediately report her daughter’s death at the instruction of her father who ‘intimidated’ her. It is also unclear, after Anthony’s not guilty verdict shocked people across the nation, whether she will be living with her parents following her July 17 release from jail.

With a potential civil trial still on the table, many believe that accepting such an extravagant appearance fee so immediately after her criminal trial may only further cast Anthony as one of America’s ‘most hated women.’ But, at the same time, a million dollar payday may be exactly what Anthony needs to reclaim her life — a life that will forever be emblazoned with the scarlet letter of her daughter’s still ambiguous death.

Do you think Anthony will accept the offer and make an appearance on the signature hair-pulling, chair-throwing, eyebrow-raising show?

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