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CD Review: LMFAO – Sorry For Party Rocking

LMFAO – Sorry For Party Rocking (Deluxe Edition) REVIEW
by SourceHop

Released: JUNE 24, 2011

1. Rock The Beat II
2. Sorry for Party Rocking
3. Party Rock Anthem
4. Sexy and I Know It
5. Champagne Showers (Feat Natalia Kills)
6. One Day
7. Put That A$$ To Work
8. Take It To The Hole (Feat Busta Rhymes)
9. We Came Here To Party
10. Reminds Me Of You (Feat Calvin Harris)
11. Best Night (Feat Will I Am, Goonrock & Eva Simons)
12. All Night Long
13. With You
14. Hot Dog
15. I’m In Miami Bitch (Bonus / Deluxe Version)
16. Shots (Feat. Lil Jon) (Bonus / Deluxe Version)

Songs Worth Listening to :

Party Rock Anthem
Champagne Showers (Feat Natalia Kills)
Put That A$$ To Work
Take It To The Hole (Feat Busta Rhymes)

I will say this, there first album “Party Rock” is sick, each and every track was heard at every spring break, every party across the nation. Giving a true definition to Party Rock, Fun Fact: The song Get Crazy is the opening theme for the reality show “Jersey Shore”. Giving that, they had a lot of buzz with there hit single Party Rock Anthem, (which has been out since January) and all the talk with a new album in the works… this album WAS NOT worth the hype at ALL ! Anytime you see an artist recycle songs from there last albums, onto there new albums; a sure giveaway THEY don’t even like there own project. If that wasn’t there decision and it was somebody from the labels, than Shame on them! — So what if its on the Deluxe Version, wheres the incentive for people to pay that extra $2-$3 for songs they already have?? Talk about a fail — Anyway, Don’t Buy this album, instead check out there old album “Party Rock”.

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