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Its Official!!! Skype + Facebook — Connect Today !

Earlier today, Facebook and Skype got a little friendlier, making it easy to find your Facebook friends in Skype and — more importantly — video chat with your Facebook friends in Facebook, a service powered by — you got it — Skype. Since you’re using Skype either way you slice it, we’re not interested so much in the call quality as we are the ease of use. Just how easy is it to make video calls using Facebook chat, which, simply put, has never been our favorite IM service? And what’s it like seeing your list of potential Skype callers expand to include all your Facebook buddies? Let’s venture past the break to find out.

To get rolling with Facebook video chat, go to Facebook’s videocalling portal and click that big “Get Started” button. After that, you’ll click the obvious “Setup” button, at which point Facebook does its thing — a seconds-long ordeal that effectively boots up a java applet. When it comes to making that inaugural video call, Zuckerberg & Co. stole a page from Skype’s own playbook and made it as easy as clicking a camcorder icon. If the person you’re trying to call is already good to go, you’ll see a dialog box just making sure you realize that once you begin the call so-and-so will be able to see and hear you. (Thanks, Facebook!) And yes, you’ll see that disclaimer every time you make a video call. If your friend hasn’t set up video calling, they’ll hear a ringing sound coming from their PC, alerting them to the fact that that someone is trying to call them and oh — by the way — they, too, need to go to Facebook’s video calling page and breeze through the setup process.

Source : http://www.engadget.com/2011/07/06/facebook-video-chat-and-skype-5-5-beta-hands-on/

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